BiopSave Study

Biopsave Study, Freeman Hospital Newcastle Site

Biosignatures is currently recruiting patients for the BiopSave study, which aims to validate the performance of a blood test designed to be used as a diagnostic tool prior to prostate biopsy. A substantial number of prostate biopsy procedures are carried out each year on patients who are suspected of having prostate cancer. However, the majority of these patients do not have cancer diagnosed. A simple test which could identify patients most and least likely to have cancer could allow the more targeted use of biopsy tests, reducing the discomfort experienced by many patients in the course of diagnosing their illness.

The study is currently recruiting patients who are referred to hospital urology clinic for prostate disease assessments by their GP on the grounds of symptoms they are experiencing and raised blood PSA levels and who are likely to have a diagnostic prostate biopsy carried out.

Patients who are potentially suitable for this trial will be contacted by hospital staff and invited to take part during the normal referral and consultation process initiated by their GP. Please do not contact Biosignatures or your hospital directly to volunteer to take part in the study if you have not yet spoken with your GP or been referred to see a specialist.

This is a non-interventional, observational project, which means that if you are invited and agree to take part, the care you receive will be exactly the same as it would be if you were not involved with the study. However, we hope your participation may be of benefit to future prostate disease patients.

The study will initially run for 24 months and is currently recruiting participants at the
Freeman Hospital, Newcastle.

Study results will be published once they are available.


If you would like to find out further information regarding the BiopSave assay, please contact us.