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Avoiding unnecessary biopsies is a a key focus for Biosignatures. The company's first product BiopSave, has passed its first independent clinical trial. Three other products - TigerPro, BladderSafe and RenalCheck, are in pre-clinical development.

Current Products

Biosignatures Products


BiopSave was developed to tackle the major clinical issue of the large number of unnecessary biopsies used during the current diagnosis process for prostate cancer. In September 2016, the product demonstrated an 11.4% improvement over current clinical practice in an independently blinded clinical validation trial.

Biosignatures Products


TigerPro aims to distinguish between the indolent and aggressive forms of prostate cancer, guiding the use of highly invasive therapeutic options such as radical prostatectomy.

Biosignatures Products


BladderSafe augments the current bladder cancer diagnostic processes and helps reduce the number of invasive and expensive cystoscopy examinations which are performed. It has successfully completed an initial blinded validation trial.

Biosignatures Products


RenalCheck was developed to identify renal cancer without exploratory surgery which is currently required. It has successfully completed an initial blinded validation trial.


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